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The perfect lift for cabinets with hinged or fixed lids. Comes with Remote and built in mobile app control 

The MBL-700 is part of the MBL TV Lift range by NOVO Automation, with lifting capabilities of up to 60KG and suitable for TVs up to 55".

This lift comes with a hinged and fixed lid bracket giving you great flexibility for installation.  The Tuya app control works with Google Assistant™ or Amazon Alexa™ and can even work with some home automation systems such as Home assistant.

The lift itself is very quiet, barely audible when running, producing less than 50dB of sound pressure.  The lift height can be programmed into a memory position via the remote control for easy customisation.

The mechanism has been tested with 4x the rated weight (240kg) to ensure the lift remains safe and the TV secure.  As with most TV lifts this one features collision detection and auto reverse to aid safe operation.



VAT Included
    • Comes with 2 options for your cabinet lid. One for a fixed lid to mount your lid direct to the lift & a hinged lid bracket for conventional drop back lid installations.
    • Maximum stroke length of 700mm but has preferred positioning memory built in.
    • Built in app control via Tuya to allow for mobile phone & home assistant control.
    • Near silent operation. 
    • 4 times strength tested.
    • Auto Reverse Function For Safety. 
    • 3 Year Warranty 

    Package includes

    • 1 x MBL 700 TV Lift Column
    • 1 x VESA Mounting Plate & Bars (Including VESA Screw pack)
    • 1 x Installation Screw Pack
    • 1 x Fixed Lid Mounting Bracket (Optional Use)
    • 1 x Hinged Lid Bracket (Optional Use)
    • 1 x RF Remote Control 
    • 1 x Step By Step Instructions Booklet 
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