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Smith & Allan Geartech EP 80w-90 - Gear Oil API GL-5 GL5 Gearbox Diff Transmission Axle Fluid suitable oil to be used in T244 differentials, gear box, transfer box and tractor joints.


Leyland Daf T244

 You will need approximatly 25 litres to replace all drive train oils on a Leyland Daf T244. 25l will give you a few litres spare.


Geartech EP 80W-90 is a high quality axle and final drive lubricant, formulated using high quality, virgin, mineral base stocks which incorporate a tailored additive system. The fluid exhibits outstanding extreme pressure capabilities, hence offering excellent load carrying properties and anti-wear protection. The fluid is thermally stable and highly resistant to oxidation, as well as displaying excellent control over foaming and protecting against corrosion.

Geartech EP 80W-90 is primarily intended for use in moderate to heavily loaded gearboxes, axles and final drive units, where the original equipment manufacturer recommends a lubricant of this quality, performance level and viscosity.

Performance Features
Excellent load carrying properties
Excellent anti-wear capabilities
Thermally stable
Resistant to oxidation
Excellent foam control
Good cold flow characteristics
Protection against corrosion

Performance Levels
MAN 342-M1, 342-M2
Mercedes Benz 235.0
ZF TE-ML 07A, 08, 12E, 16C, 17B, 19B, 21A

Smith & Allan Geartech EP 80w-90 - Gear Oil.

PriceFrom £34.99
VAT Included
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