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The Separett Family (formerly the Cindi Family) is a waterless, fully electric incinerating toilet that has a forward facing status display and simple operation that leaves only ash as a residual product.

The Family is optimised for your garden office, summer house or garden room, but can also be installed in your home. It has the capability of handling the toilet needs of a typical family (2 adults and 2 children). The toilet is used whenever it’s needed, even if someone has just visited it. The toilet keeps track of the number of visits and adapts the incineration time to ensure that the waste product is always ash.



The Separett Family is a waterless, 100% mains electric incinerating toilet designed for use in domestic bathrooms. It has a user-friendly display to monitor the status. The display will indicate when it’s time to empty the ash pan, clean the ash pan or clean the vent pipe.

The incineration process means the only residue is a small amount of ash, which is emptied on a weekly basis (the ash can be used in your garden or disposed of with regular waste).

The Family is ideal for domestic installation either as the main toilet or as an ancillary toilet (for example in a garden room or garden office). We don’t recommend that incinerating toilets are used in commercial environments or for use by the public. Expected use should be a maximum of four visits per hour.

Even if someone else has just visited the toilet, as it keeps track of how many uses and adapts the incinerating length to meet the demand.

When no programme is running, and the toilet is in standby mode, the fan constantly operates at low speed. When an incineration programme is running, the fan draws air through the incineration chamber to constantly add oxygen to the incineration process. This also enables hot air and smoke to flow through the pipe and out of the chamber.

Due to the nature of the heating element and overall power consumption, Cindi is not suitable for installation in moving vehicles (RV’s, motor homes and boats).


The Separett Family is a safe toilet to use. It has a wide array of built-in safety systems that monitors the temperature in the ash pan, inside the toilet as well as the ventilation temperature. It is also fitted with stand-alone overheating protection that works outside the regular firmware. If the temperature in any location gets higher the normal the incinerating process automatically shuts down and the display informs you of this. The Family is fitted with a magnetic sensor that pauses the incinerating process when you open the lid to use the toilet, only to resume when you close the lid. It is also fitted with overvoltage protection to make sure the PCB and cabling are protected during a power surge.


Installing the Separett Family electric incinerating toilet

The Separett Family is freestanding and is not secured to the wall or floor (it needs to be slid forward for maintenance), however, at around 40kg, it feels safe and secure. It can be plugged into a mains socket (it comes with an EU plug, which can be adapted to UK 3-pin sockets, or it can be cut off and a UK 3-pin plug wired on), or wired to a fused spur (ensure enough wire slack so the toilet can be pulled forwards for maintenance).

One of the most important aspects is ventilation – ensuring an adequate supply of fresh air to the incinerating process and ensuring a safe, free flow of the exhaust. We recommend purchasing the optional ventilation kit, although you can use your own pipes, ensuring they follow the guidelines in the manual (and shown in the installation video below).

The fresh air inlet hole should have an airflow diameter of between 110mm ø and 125mm ø depending on where it is in relation to the toilet. Depending on the route you take the vent pipe, the maximum length is between 4.5 and 5 metres. If you must take the pipe around the eaves, only use two 45º bends, ensuring there is no more than 500mm between the bends. The ventilation pipe should extend no more than 500mm above the eaves. Full details are in the installation manual.


Using the Separett Family

Before you sit down to use the Separett Family, place an incinerating bag in the bowl, the bag protects the bowl from faeces and limits the need for cleaning. When you’re done, use the flush lever to open the hatch to the incineration chamber, which allows the bag and contents to drop inside – open the lid to check the bag has dropped down. Now start the incinerating process by selecting a program (large/poo or small/wee).

Even if the toilet already is in an ongoing incineration process, it is extremely important to both flush and to choose a program.


Maintainence and cleaning

Just like any toilet, regular cleaning with eco-friendly, non-abrasive cleaners will keep the Separett Family looking nice and hygienic.

  • After around 50 uses, the display will remind you that its time to empty the ash pan (do this when the ash pan is cool).
  • After around 100 uses the Separett Family will ask for an ashpan clean (placing water in the ashpan and choosing an incineration program – the steam will clear urine salt deposits)
  • After around 100 uses the Separett Family should be pulled forward from the vent pipe and the pipe cleaned with the supplied cleaning brush to loosen any soot deposits. A vacuum cleaner should used to remove loose deposits.
  • After approx. one year of full-time use or two-three years of part-time use, the Separett Family will need a service which includes internal cleaning, checking of key components and replacement of the heating element.


Important Information

For long and trouble-free service, please observe the following requirements:

  • Always install the vent pipe vertically, and according to the manufacturer’s instructions (see the installation video above and the installation manual), or contact us for clarification
  • Always ensure sufficient fresh air is available (either by using the air inlet with the optional ventilation kit or by following the manufacturers’ guidelines on airflow)
  • Always use a paper bowl liner, regardless of what you’ve done
  • Always ‘flush’ immediately after each use, even if it’s just a tiny amount!
  • Always press the incinerate button when you’ve ‘flushed’ the toilet, even if someone else has just used the toilet and it’s already on an incineration cycle
  • Observe the service indication (the heating element will need replacing after 1-3 years, depending on the amount of use).



Separett Family – Incinerating Toilet

VAT Included
  • Connection: 2.3 m cord with grounded EU plug
    Energy consumption:   0.4-1.7 kWh/visit
    Height: 53.5cm
    Length: 63.5cm
    Material: Powder coated plate
    Max load: 150kg
    Noise level: Ca 55 dB(A) during incineration cycle
    Voltage: 230V
    Width: 44cm
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