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The Separett  Basic (formerly the CINDI Basic) is a waterless, electric incinerating toilet that has a simple, one-button operation that leaves only ash as a residual product.

The Basic is optimised for your garden office, summer house or garden room but can also be installed in your home. It has the capability of handling the toilet needs of a typical family (2 adults and 2 children). The toilet can be used whenever it’s needed, even if someone has just visited it and it’s on an incineration cycle. The toilet keeps track of the number of visits and adapts the incineration time to ensure that the waste product is always ash.



The Separett Basic (formerly known as the Separett Cindi Basic) is an all-electric incinerating, waterless toilet that produces only ash as a by-product. The electronics monitor the internal temperatures of the toilet to ensure safety and correct incinerating/evaporating cycles to deal with the daily use for up to 4-5 people. The built-in catalytic convertor ensures odours are removed before being vented through the 110mm vent system (not included) where steam etc will gently and odourlessly disperse.

  • 100% mains electric operation – 230V 10Amp supply
  • produces hygienic ash as a waste product – usually emptied weekly
  • catalytic converter removes exhaust odours
  • urine is evaporated
  • faeces and toilet paper are incinerated to ash
  • can be used in succession – no need to wait until the previous incineration cycle has finished
  • expected use should be a maximum of 4 visits per hour

The Basic burns solid waste to ashes at around 550 degrees Celsius (1200 Fahrenheit). Like an oven, it uses an electric element to heat up the chamber. All moisture and liquids evaporate and the solid waste, together with the paper bag, is incinerated to a small amount of ash. The time needed to reach 550 degrees depends on the amount of waste and liquids present in the chamber (and the ambient temperature) but is typically between 30 and 40 minutes. Once at the correct temperature, the incineration cycle starts, which can take up to 40 minutes. Once the incineration has been completed, the toilet goes into a cooling phase.

Using the toilet whilst it’s either getting up to the incineration temperature, or during an incineration cycle is fine, but it’s important to press the ‘incinerate’ button regardless, so extra time can be added to the cycle to ensure complete incineration/evaporation. Expected use should be a maximum of four visits per hour.

Due to the power requirements of the heating element and other factors, 100% electric incinerating toilets are not suitable for installation in moving vehicles (RV’s & motor homes etc) that might be subject to excessive vibrations and movement. In addition, the power requirements will exclude it from the majority of non-mains connected situations.


To use the toilet, open the seat and place one of the liner bags inside (the bag protects the stainless steel bowl from the faeces and limits the need for cleaning). Use the toilet in the normal way, then press the long ‘flush’ lever which will drop the bag and contents into the lower incineration chamber. Check that the contents have dropped through and close the seat, then just press the incinerate button and leave.

Even if the toilet is already in an ongoing incineration process, it’s important to both flush and to press the incinerate button. This will add the appropriate extra incineration time to the process.

When no incineration programme is running, and the toilet is in standby mode, the fan constantly operates at low speed. The purpose of this is to let moisture ventilate out of the toilet and to prevent cold air from getting into the toilet through the pipe.


In addition to normal cleaning with a damp cloth and eco-friendly cleaners, the toilet will notify you of other maintenance requirements, which typically are as follows:

  • After 50 uses the ash pan will need emptying
  • After 100 uses the toilet will need an ash pan clean (placing water in the ashpan and choosing an incineration program – the steam will clear urine salt deposits)
  • After 100 uses the toilet should be pulled forward from the vent pipe and the pipe cleaned with the supplied cleaning brush to remove any soot deposits

For ease of service and cleaning, it is important that the toilet is NOT fixed to the wall or the floor.


The Separett Basic will need a 13 Amp socket adjacent to the toilet (it comes with an EU plug – this can be used via an adaptor in a UK socket, or the plug can be cut off and a UK plug wired on), or it can be connected to a ‘fused spur’. As you will to pull the toilet forwards for cleaning and maintenance, ensure there is enough slack in the cable if permanently wired.

Ensure a suitably sized air inlet is in place (see the manual for specifications, or one is supplied with the optional vent pipe kit). We recommend using the optional vent pipe kit, however, you can use your own pipework, providing you observe the manufacturers recommendations regarding the length and bends permitted.


Important considerations

For long and trouble-free service, please observe the following:

  • Always install the vent pipe vertically, and in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions
  • Always ensure sufficient fresh air is available (either by using the air inlet with the optional ventilation kit or by following the manufacturers’ guidelines on airflow)
  • Always use a paper bowl liner, regardless of what you’ve done
  • Always ‘flush’ immediately after each use
  • Always press the incinerate button when you’ve ‘flushed’ the toilet
  • Observe the service indication (the heating element will need replacing after 1-3 years, depending on the amount of use).

Separett Basic – Incinerating Toilet

VAT Included
  • Product Data

    Outer: Recyclable ABS and white enamelled galvanised plate
    Inner: Inner part: Stainless plate. Ash pan: acid-proof plate
    Volts/Watts: 230V AC 1.8kW 10 amp fuse
    Energy: 0.6 – 2.4 kWh/visit
    Connection: 2.5m grounded cable with fused plug
    Noise: Ca 55 dB(A) when incinerating
    Max user load: 150kg
    Max Dimensions: L:77 W:46 H:73
    Weight: 42kg
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