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Compatable with victron Cerbo GXCan be used on your phone using the the Tag station app.


Great for use in your truck, camper, outside and in fridges and freezers.


RuuviTag Pro is an environmental sensor that fits perfectly with demanding industrial and serious home uses.

The Pro is based on RuuviTag’s successful concept and additionally brings several new outstanding features to the table. RuuviTag Pro is the rugged open source Ruuvi sensor you’ve been waiting for.

The IP67 certified RuuviTag Pro (3-in-1) comes with a breathable membrane that enables air humidity monitoring. It tolerates temporary wet conditions.


From -40 to +85 °C

RuuviTag Pro’s casing and electronics are designed to operate without interruption in a wide range of temperatures. Maintenance is minimal because the included Ruuvi CR2477T wide temperature battery lasts in normal use 1-2 years.

RuuviTag Pro Sensor (3in1, breathable)

PriceFrom £49.99
VAT Included
  • RuuviTag Pro tolerates wet and rough conditions.

    The IP67 certified RuuviTag Pro (4in1 and 3in1) comes with a breathable membrane that enables air humidity and air pressure monitoring. It tolerates temporary wet conditions and it’s a good choice to outdoor use. The 4in1 and 3in1 models are for non-condensing uses only.

    The IP68 and IP69K certified RuuviTag Pro (2in1) offers a full protection against water with its fully sealed enclosure. It has been laboratory tested to work in water depth of up to 50 meters for 24 hours and to tolerate high pressurised spraying with 80 °C water.

    Note! Please keep in mind that Bluetooth signals are strongly attenuated in the water and range will be significantly reduced. Ruuvi sensors can then be used in shallow water if you want to maintain connection (for example pool or jacuzzi). If you want to measure deeper, you can attach the RuuviTag Pro to a string and take it back to the surface when you want to download the data history.

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