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" The Best thing you can do to your Daf T244".  Matthew Payne Adventurer


The worst thing about driving a Leyland Daf T244 is the noise.  As standard they have no insulation. You are sitting on top of an engine, with only 1.5mm of bare steel between you and the hot engine.  And the cab gets hot. And the engine get loud.  


This sound deadening kit drastically reduces the resonance and noise inside the cab. Insulates you from the hot engine, reduces air born noise and keeps you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  This means you are less fatigued and can drive for longer periods in comfort, and actually have a conversation with the persopn next to you.


Of the top 3 things Matthew Payne Adventurer recomends on a T244, number 2 is to sound proof the cab.


1. Change the fuel lines.

2. Sound proof the cab.

3. Add an exhaust brake. ( if traveling )

Leyland Daf T244 Sound Proofing kit BASIC

VAT Included
  • Basic kit.       Greater noise reduction can be acheived with the advanced kit.



    2 x Dodo DEADN Hex 50SE Bulk Pack (9.4sq.m)

    1 x Dodo Thermo Liner 10m Roll (10sq.m                                                                                                                                1 x Dodo Prep Spray Cleaner & Degreaser



    Ideally this job will be carried out with the seats removed. Ensure surfaces are clean and dust free.   Using the spray degreaser , degrease the area you are working.  Using the 1.8 mm DEADN Hex sheets, cover all metal surfaces inside the cab, including inside the doors.                                           Next apply the Thermo Liner Pro 10mm insulation. Apply this over 100% of the surface.  Carpet can be applied on top if desired.

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