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Complete replacement fuel line kit to fit Leyland Daf T244.

3 items. 


Alternate connections available on request. For connecting to a differnt fuel tank.


Replaces part numbers 4730-99-926-3326   94460102  4730-99-147-1164   94460101

4730-99-446-1539   94460907   4710-99-756-8561   CAL9973   4710-99-832-9474   CAL9974   4730-99-870-0310   1203038   4710-99-801-0704   37H7150M   4710-99-803-0113   37H7909M


If you have just purchased a Leyland Daf T244 the first job you want to do it replace the fuel lines. The original push fit connections are prone to leaks and allowing some air in to the fuel lines.  If you truck wont start its almost certainly due to air in the fuel lines. For reliability I would recomend upgrading to this fuel line kit.  Direct easy replacment.


Custom fuel line lengths available on request.


More T244 parts coming soon.

Complete replacement fuel line kit. Leyland Daf T244

VAT Included
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