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One fault I find with the T244 is the lack of an exhaust brake.  In mountainous countries the Leyland Daf T244 does want to run away on the hills and requires carful management and the occasional stop to allow the brakes to cool. An exhaust brake is my number 1 up grade for anyone overlanding.


Please note this item is made to order.  Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.  If needed sooner please contact me.  


Please note the above photo shows intercooler pipe work and is not assocaiated with the exhaust system.


Supplied as a self fit kit. 

Kit includes

1 x  turbo upgrade Holset HX35W ( Recon turbo)

1 x 3 in" exhuast brake

1 x 4" silicone air intake pipe

1 x turbo return oil pipe gasket

1 x 2.5" aluminium turbo to intake manifld pipe

1 x welded stainless exhaust system

1 x 4m 6mm air line

4 x replacment exhaust studs

Foot operated valve and required fittings

Turbo, Exhaust, Exhaust Brake Upgrade.

SKU: 364215376135199
VAT Included
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